La Maison de la Réunion

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Location des espaces

Salle de Réunions


La Salle de Réunions, which owes its name to the first Canoness who lived inRue de la Réunion No. 3in 1387, is graceful and luxurious.


Jardin d'Epinlieu

Salle de Conférences


La Salle de Conférences, which owes its name to the first Canoness who lived in in Rue de la Réunion No. 5, is our reference in terms of conferences, assemblies and training courses.



Aula Magna

Général Ferrand

Aula Magna, which owes its name to the General,to whom to attributein February 1793 the union to the canton of Jemmappes, at that time belonged to France.



Bar Networking

Jean Siskin

Bar Networking evokes the first masterworks of the works of the Collegiale Ste Waudru. He lived there shortly before 1450. It is the lounge bar of La Maison de la Réunion; cozy place by itself.


Jean siskin capacite

Jardin extérieur


Le Jardin d'Epinlieu owes its name to the old name of Rue de la Réunion, evoking the nearby convent of the Benedictines whose entrance was in Rue des Cinq Visages.

Capacity: 200 people